there might be also some mistakes so I apologize in advance

lol what did i just write… i know it looks kind of lame but just watch the video it’s really touching and true… #sadboyz 

from oprah’s interview with pharrell… it was so good that i’ll write you down some of the best parts for me… “real things are stuff that you can take with you when you die” then oprah was like “easy for you easy for me to say because you sit in here with your pretty green hat… we have the life that we live… so it’s kind of easy to say… because so many people would say if I just had that and that and if I had your life everything would be okey”… and he’s just like… “they would be wrong… these are all the bad things… if you had all the people… they can inspire here at the same place… it wasn’t the money, it wasn’t the fame it wasn’t any of these things… it was all the people… money and things I have are just products of that”

It was the best interview I’ve ever seen in my life… also shout out to our neighbors from Slovakia for making it to the show with their video.

You should watch the interview:

tumblr facts: everytime you post photo of a vinyl you get most reblogs aka such a hipster you are, such wow #tumblrfamous

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