Just because it’s the middle of night
That don’t mean I won’t hunt you down
'Cause up, in, deep inside
It’s pullin’ me and I want your love
You and I should be gettin’ it right
Ain’t no sense in you holdin’ on down
If I can’t have you, nobody can
This an animal singin’ that’ll hunt you down

It’s like I’m her new nightmare
She ain’t escaping
It makes me feel a bit complete
Knowing someone you love
Don’t feel the same way about ya
Memories, they soon delete
A couple weeks no talking,
I seen my baby
I’ve missed you so damn much,
I wish we could start over,
I told my baby
This what this bitch tells me,
She said…


We used to be friends
We used to be inner circle
I don’t understand
What have I become to you
Take my good word
Turn it backwards